Technical support

Far east technology is a technology oriented industrial automation enterprise with advanced design, research and development, processing and project management. As a national high and new technology enterprise, we always take technology research and development as the source of our development. We focus on product quality and pursue technological innovation tirelessly.

Core Competitiveness

Introduction of intelligent information management system industry 4.0

Display the running state of the equipment in real time, count the equipment's moving rate, feed back the alarm information in time, realize the intelligent information management system, and establish the high flexibility and individuation

And intelligent production and service production mode, to create intelligent chemical plant.

Part of the equipment running state:


Advanced precision machinery design and processing technology

The company has professional mechanical engineers and experienced technicians. According to different needs of customers, we provide customers with R & D, design, production and assembly.

Distribution and logistics one-stop service.




   Advanced assembly technology

We have a professional, rigorous assembly team. According to different needs of customers, arrange assembly personnel to learn and make corresponding assembly plan at irregular intervals.

We will regularly train all assembly personnel, aiming to serve customers more professionally and efficiently.

Precision assembly