Corporate Culture


Integrity and Dedication

Pragmatic and Efficient

Unite and Fighting

Technological Innovation

Pursuit of Excellence

The Aim of Company's Operation:

Taking the good faith as the foundation, taking the staff as the base, taking the technology progress as the base, thinking the customer service is good, taking the market as the guidance, taking the high technology as the foundation, and taking the benefit as the center, make all the staff's growth and progress and the employee's labor return with the enterprise's development.

Our Management Philosophy:

"Sincerity, Faith, Inclusiveness and Diligence"

"Sincerity" is the inherent virtue of man;

Faith is the external expression of sincerity, and honesty must be believed in the outside world.

"Inclusiveness" originated from Buddhism, means that all rivers run into sea and attitude to objectively evaluate the things;

"Diligence" embodies the attitude of work.

Mission & Vision

Innovation and collaboration focus on high efficiency

The Far East Company is committed to becoming a first-class enterprise in the field of automation and precision machinery in China. As always, it provides customers with the best products and the most reliable service quality, and becomes the trust partner of the customers. Make the best return on the technology investment of the customer!