Quality Policy

Quality Policy

    No substandard raw materials 

    No substandard products

                         No out of substandard products.

Continuous Improvement

Carry out the training of necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes, and set up the sense of quality of the whole staff.

The engineer team's risk assessment before production, and closely watch the production of defective products (such as equipment, personnel, materials and operation methods, etc.) to find out the root, and then thoroughly solved.

In the process of production, every process can be controlled, so that we can enter the next process through testing and avoid possible mistakes in the production process.

Customer Satisfaction

With high quality products, reasonable prices, perfect and fast service, we constantly meet customers' needs and expectations.

Customers' satisfaction and expectation are the driving force of our development. What we pursue is not only the quality assurance products, but also the one-stop efficient, fast and high quality service for our customers.

Our Quality Slogan

Quality is the image and reputation of an enterprise!

Environmental Policy

Protecting the earth's environment and building green culture is the basic environmental philosophy of Far East excellence Technology Co., Ltd.

1. Implement effective environmental management system, formulate, implement and regularly evaluate environmental goals and indicators, and continuously improve them.

2. Comply with the national and local environmental laws and other requirements.

3. Carry out cleaner production and pollution prevention, and gradually quote materials, devices and technology that are conducive to environmental protection.

4. Develop energy saving activities for all members, improve waste recycling and minimize resource and energy consumption.

5. This policy passes all the persons who work for the organization or represent it, and improves their environmental awareness and skills through education and training.

6. This policy can be acquired by the public and seek the supervision, understanding and cooperation of the relevant parties.