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    Shenzhen New Far East Precision Mold Co., Ltd.
    High Speed Increase - Shenzhen Far East Excellence Technology Co., Ltd. was established
    Optimization - Established the Far East Excellence Group ( Hong Kong) Co., Ltd.

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        At present, the competition mode between mobile phone brands has shifted from cost to price to technological innovation, and a variety of new technologies have come out in an endless stream. A large number of advanced technologies such as comprehensive screen, 3D glass, ceramic fuselage, 5G antenna, AMOLED, and screen / screen fingerprints are popular with mobile phone manufacturers, and related technologies, equipment, materials and other enterprises have been paid much attention to.

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        2018 Apple spring new release launches this evening to open 9.7 inches new iPad to launch a new event at 23 p. m. on March 27th at a campus in Chicago. Will it bring anything new to it? In fact, it can be seen from today's Google reaction, the latter combined with Acer to launch a ChromeOS tablet for the school market, which is the first time ChromeOS is combined with a tablet computer.