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    Development History

    Shenzhen New Far East Precision Mold Co., Ltd.
    High Speed Increase - Shenzhen Far East Excellence Technology Co., Ltd. was established
    Optimization - Established the Far East Excellence Group ( Hong Kong) Co., Ltd.

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        The annual New Year party, singing, drama, talk show and other rich programs, also interspersed with cash lottery activities and small games, if there is no winning, the company also prepared a small gift for comfort.

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        At present, the competition mode between mobile phone brands has shifted from cost to price to technological innovation, and a variety of new technologies have come out in an endless stream. A large number of advanced technologies such as comprehensive screen, 3D glass, ceramic fuselage, 5G antenna, AMOLED, and screen / screen fingerprints are popular with mobile phone manufacturers, and related technologies, equipment, materials and other enterprises have been paid much attention to.

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        2018 Apple spring new release launches this evening to open 9.7 inches new iPad to launch a new event at 23 p. m. on March 27th at a campus in Chicago. Will it bring anything new to it? In fact, it can be seen from today's Google reaction, the latter combined with Acer to launch a ChromeOS tablet for the school market, which is the first time ChromeOS is combined with a tablet computer.